What to expect

Your Visit

We look forward to meeting you at Peak Physio Peakhurst. Here are a few things you should expect.

Parking – is straight forward with ample parking available at the front of the practice. 

Referrals/Imaging e.g. X-Rays, CTs… – These are not necessary however if you have them please bring them along.

Clothing – Please wear loose fitting clothing to ensure we are able to investigate the areas appropriate to your concern.

Fees: The initial appointment is 45 minutes one-on-one appointment with a fee of $100. Any subsequent appointments are $90 and lasts 30 minutes. If you have a complex issue or multiple complaints it may be best to have an extended consult which incurs a slightly higher fee – best chat to your treating therapist to pick the best option for our situation.

Women’s health consultation are 1 hour for an initial and 45 minutes for a follow-up. The fees are $120 and $110 for a follow-up.

Make sure you bring your private health fund card if you have one as you can claim it on the spot. Unfortunately, you cannot claim your treatment under Medicare unless you have been given an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) from your GP. Not everyone can get this type of plan and your GP is the best person to talk to about whether or not you are eligible.

Your consultation will commence with a number of questions asking for your story. Please be as descriptive as possible as the more you tell us the easier it is getting to the root of the cause. Following this we will perform a number of tests assessing the integrity of the structures around the area of the complaint.

In most cases we are able to diagnose the cause of your issues and provide a prognosis on the spot however, there are some issues which may require further imaging or time for the issue to be clearer. Regardless you should leave the first appointment with a clear action plan.

Treatment will depend on the presenting issues however hands on therapy is often used to provide relief followed by some exercise. If you have had particular success with a form of treatment in the past please let us know!

And thats about it!….please reach out via the Contact Us page if you have any further questions. We look forward to helping you into the future.